Civil law

Our law office has many years of professional experience also in this broad legal field. So do not hesitate to use our services in the following, but also other legal issues or issues you need to resolve:

Purchase, Sale, Donation, Rental of Properties

Do you plan to purchase a property and the real estate agency or the buyer has presented you with a draft sales contract and related documents and you have doubts about it? Please do not hesitate to send us the ownership transfer documents for examination. Our consultation can save you money as well as possible future problems.

Do you plan to sell your property or would you like to donate your property to your descendants, but at the same time you want to be sure that you can stay and live in the property? We offer you our rich experience with the transfer of ownership of any property and establishing easements (limitation of ownership right in favour of another subject), whether it is the right to live in the property or the right of passage, etc.

By using our services and contract authorization by our law office 4JUSTICE, you will save up to EUR 48 on fees for the land registry.

Settlement of a Co-ownership, Determination of Ownership Rights

Do you have problems determining your ownership, or do you want to settle your co-ownership?


Life brings many situations when you acquire a property along with other people. There are many ways to settle this situation and to acquire the property in exclusive ownership or to obtain financial compensation for the co-ownership share or to divide the property according to the co-ownership shares.


It also happens that the property you consider yours, is not registered on your behalf in the land registry. How to achieve a determination of ownership rights to such property?

We will advise you on how to protect your ownership and prepare all the documentation needed for settlement a co-ownership. In the case of court proceedings, we will provide you with complete legal services including legal representation.

Settlement of Undivided Co-ownership of Spouses

Settlement of undivided co-ownership of spouses is often a challenging process that requires a professional and precise approach.


  • a divorce,
  • a court decision to terminate it in the duration of marriage,
  • declaring bankruptcy of one of the spouses.

After the termination of undivided co-ownership of spouses, it is necessary to settle it within three years after its termination, otherwise, after that period, each of the spouses will gain half of their joint property.

Undivided co-ownership can be settled by an agreement, court decision or by law, that is, the aforementioned presumption.

Attorneys from the law office 4JUSTICE will provide you with comprehensive legal assistance also with the settlement of undivided co-ownership of spouses with their professional and precise approach.

Consumer Protection

Every one of us, on a daily basis, concludes consumer contracts. Consumer contracts are contracts concluded by the supplier and the consumer regardless of their legal form. The supplier is a person who acts within the scope of their commercial or other business activity when concluding and performing a consumer contract. A consumer is a natural person who does not act within the scope of their commercial or other business activity when concluding and performing a consumer contract.

Whether in regular shopping of goods or services in brick and mortar shops or over the Internet or in less common relationships as a consumer credit or other form of loan, you enter into a consumer relationship. In this relationship, as a consumer, you have relatively wide scale of possibilities to protect yourself. Currently frequently mentioned issue of consumer protection in consumer relations is in legal regulations contained especially in the Civil Code, but also in other legal regulations. The law contains many rules that protect you as a consumer. However, they are often very complex and confusing. The law office 4JUSTICE will ensure you your protection as a consumer when concluding contract, as well as legal representation in a court proceeding based on a consumer relation.

Preparation of Contracts, Legal Submissions as well as Representation in Court Proceedings

The Civil Code contains numerous types of contracts that regulate the relationships in everyday life of every ordinary person. Whether in the reconstruction of an apartment, house or simply when shopping food, we conclude contracts that are regulated by this bearing code of the Slovak law. Except as otherwise provided in the Civil Code, contracts don’t have to be in writing, but for your legal certainty, it is appropriate that you have contractual arrangements in writing. The content of such contracts must be clear and comprehensible to all parties, but at the same time it must often contain complex formulations and adjustments of relationships that require professional approach.

Attorneys form the law office 4JUSTICE, with their rich experience, will prepare or comment on your contracts and other legal texts so that you can be sure that no problem will arise in the future that would cause a legal proceeding. Of course, based on our experience that even the best contract is not sufficient if the relationships between the parties are significantly impaired, we will help you eliminate the risks that might arise from such relationships.

If, despite all this, you become a litigant, either as a defendant or as a petitioner, our team of lawyers will provide you with comprehensive legal representation before the court and other authorities.

Compensation for Damages, Unjust Enrichment


Everyone is liable for the damage they caused by a breach of legal obligation - a basic formulation from which emerges the liability for damage of anyone who violates their obligations. In addition to breach of obligations, damage and causal connection between them, when assessing the liability for damage, the wrongdoing of the person who caused the damage is also important. It is a so-called subjective liability for damage. However, the Slovak law determines exceptions, thus situations where the wrongdoing is not important for liability for damage and that is the case of objective liability. According to the law, the liability for damage can be disposed of, except for the cases set by the law, ich which the liability is absolute and thus not disposable.


An unjust enrichment is a property profit obtained with a payment without legal reason, with a payment for an invalid legal act or with a payment for a legal reason that has been cancelled, as well as a property profit obtained from corrupt sources. Whoever enriches himself unjustly at the expense of another person, must release the enrichment.

Have you been harmed by a violation of another person's legal obligation and want to claim a compensation for caused damages? Has someone unjustly enriched himself at your expense? Feel free to contact us. We will prepare a legal analysis for you and propose steps to achieve for you a compensation for damage or unjust enrichment.

We also offer you the opportunity to resolve your dispute through mediation. According to the Law on Mediation, mediation is an out-of-court activity whereby persons involved in mediation resolve a dispute arising out of civil, family, commercial, liability or employment relationships through a mediator. The advantage of mediation as a form of dispute resolution is that both sides of the dispute will come to an agreement with the help of a mediator and save their time and money.

Our law office 4JUSTICE can provide legal help even in these situations, as well as many other legal issues in the area of ​​Civil Law. Do not hesitate to contact our attorneys who will, with their professional approach, find a solution to your legal issue.

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