Labour law

Whether on the side of an employee or an employer, we always try to find the best possible solution to achieve the satisfaction of all parties, which is a prerequisite for maintaining positive relations between the parties even after the dispute has ended. We consider each case very carefully, especially when it comes to termination of employment.


  • Analysis of the client's position in the dispute
  • Preparation of employment contracts, on-call work contracts according to clients' requirements, management contracts, internal labour regulations
  • Preparation of legal documents relating to termination of employment (agreement, notice, immediate termination of employment, termination of employment in probationary period)
  • Preparation and assessment of legal solutions for terminating employments, including counselling on the termination of business operations, or collective redundancies
  • Representation in legal labour disputes

Positive relationships at work are the basis of a pleasant working environment. We will do everything for you to ensure it.

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