Family law


  • divorce
  • child care
  • maintenance arrears
  • settlement of the property of spouses

We provide a comprehensive legal consulting on family law issues. We will be happy to assist you in a difficult time, such as divorce proceedings, regulation of rights and duties towards minors, including the custody of minors of one of the parents, or a shared custody and the effective settlement of undivided co-ownership of spouses after the marriage.

The first consultation with duration approximately 20 minutes, on which we will inform you about possible solutions to your problem, is FREE.

With a caring approach, we offer you:

  • Preparation of all types of parental agreements, especially agreements on arrangements for contact with minors, parental agreement on maintenance arrangements
  • Representation in divorce proceedings
  • Legal assistance in increasing and reducing maintenance for minors and adult children
  • Preparation of all types of court submissions according to the Family Act, in particular the application to start a proceeding, appeals and other submissions
  • Preparation of divorce petitions and arrangements of the exercise of parental rights and obligations towards minors at the time after divorce, entrusting the minor to shared custody of parents
  • Legal assistance in determining or denying of paternity according to the Family Act
  • Recovery of maintenance arrears
  • Legal counselling in the area of ​​substitute maintenance according to Act no. 452/2004 Coll.
  • Legal counselling in legal family matters

We know it can be emotionally hard. Leave the burden of legal hardship on us.

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