Commercial law

  • Do you have a great idea on how to start a business?
  • Do you have an idea about what business you would like to do and the only thing you’re missing is the establishment of your prosperous trading company?
  • Do you plan to open your own e-shop and can’t get out of all the law rules and requirements?
  • Do you have a problem with recovering your claims?
  • Do you conduct a litigation and need good legal representation with a specific approach and solution to your legal issue?
  • Do you want to be protected and have legal certainty when negotiating, concluding contracts, or are in need of any other legal acts related to contracts?
  • Have you built a brand name with good reputation and do not want someone to parasitize on your good name?
  • Have you created something new intellectually that hasn't been here yet?
  • Would you like to resolve a conflict with a third-party mediator instead of the court?

Contact our law office 4JUSTICE and we will be happy to help you with building of your ideas.

Corporate Law
Do you have a great idea on how to start a business? Do you have an idea about what business you would like to do and the only thing you’re missing is the establishment of your prosperous trading company?

Contact our law office 4JUSTICE and we will be happy to help you with building of your ideas. Establishing all kinds of trading companies is also a part of our activity, which we have been doing successfully for several years. Come to an introductory consultation to get familiar with the process of establishing your business and leave the rest to us.


  • Establishing of companies, cooperatives and organizational units
  • Comprehensive representation in business and trade register matters
  • Changes in founding documents and corporate bodies
  • Change of legal form
  • Regular corporate agenda
  • Actions leading to an increase or a decrease of the capital
  • Organization of general assemblies, representation business associates and shareholders
  • Preparation and effective negotiation of contracts in business relations
  • Preparation of documents when selling or taking over a business
  • Dissolution of a company with liquidation
  • Dissolution of a company without liquidation by merger, fusion, or division of the company
  • Selling a company or a part thereof

Save yourself money and worrying. Leave these issues to the professionals.

Debt Recovery

Do you have difficulties with a debt recovery? Are you involved in a legal dispute proceeding and need a professional legal representation with an individual approach to solve your legal problem?


  • Legal analysis of the claim
  • Monitoring of the debtor (if needed also business partners) in public registers and in the Commercial Bulletin to guarantee an early discovery of bankruptcy declaration, beginning of restructuring process, liquidation etc.
  • Addressing the debtor – out-of-court debt recovery
  • Judicial debt recovery (legal action, legal consulting, legal representation)
  • Execution (representation of the client, legal consulting)


The fee will be determined based on the Regulation Nr. 665/2004 Coll. on fee and compensation of attorneys for providing legal services as amended, or it is individually agreed upon with the client. The fee depends on the difficulty of the legal issue and time needed for the execution of particular acts. The first consultation with duration of approximately 20 minutes, on which we will inform you about possible solutions to your problem, is FREE.

Avoid common mistakes made in a debt recovery process. Leave the concerns on professionals.


Our help in this field is also focused on legal help to people, whose debtors are in bankruptcy. If you are a creditor of a debtor that is in bankruptcy and you don’t know how to collect your claims, contact us and we will explain you how to enforce your rights in a bankruptcy or restructuring proceeding on the first consultation.

We will provide you a representation in a bankruptcy or restructuring proceeding namely via preparing an application of claim in bankruptcy or restructuring proceeding and also, we will represent you throughout the whole proceeding which will secure that you are always informed about the current situation and about the possible disbursement of your claim.

It´s not rare that the creditors lose their right to be a part of the bankruptcy proceeding and so lose the possibility to influence the bankruptcy proceeding because of an incorrect application or because they fail to send their application of claim before the application date. Don’t suffer the consequences of absence of a professional legal help when recovering your debts and contact us. We have worked on many successfully finished or ongoing bankruptcy proceedings.

If you are a creditor and you have a debt to recover, either from a business deal or based on some other legal title and you need help with its recovery, contact us to arrange the first consultation and after an evaluation of the legal situation, we will prepare the Application for a declaration of insolvency and will help you to ensure the recovery of your debt.

Analysis and Preparation of Contract Documents

Do you want to be protected and have legal assurance when negotiating, closing a contract or doing other legal steps related with contracts?


  • Complete legal service and consulting regarding preparation of contracts according to the Commercial Code and atypical contracts according to Clients requirements
  • Inspection of various types of contracts
  • Preparation and inspection of contracts in foreign language
  • Legal analysis and commenting on contracts
  • Withdrawal from contracts
  • Effective negotiation in business environment

Intellectual Property Rights


Have you built you trademark with a good reputation and don’t want anybody to parasite on it? We will gladly help you to register your business name as a trademark or with protection of the right of marking the origin of your products and geographical marking of products.


Have you created with your intellectual activity something new? Do you want to protect the product of your intellectual activity? Our law office 4JUSTICE will provide you with full representation before the Patent Office to register your patent or utility model or other form of protection not only in the Slovak Republic but in the whole European Union or on the international level.


  • Preparation and submission of your trademark or other form of protection mark
  • Preparation and submission of the product of your intellectual activity as a patent, utility model or design
  • Representation in the whole proceeding before the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic
  • Application for extension of a patent, utility model, design or extension of the effectiveness of the trademark
  • Legal consulting in the field of possibilities of your copyright protection

Personal Data Protection

On 24 May 2016 entered into force the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council dated 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, repealing Directive 95/46 / EC, called GDPR. The Regulation has started to apply on 25 May 2018, after a transitional two-year period. The regulation regulates personal data protection in general and leaves many issues to be adjusted by the national law. Under the GDPR Regulation, the Slovak Republic will adopt a new law regulating the protection of personal data.


The regulation brings many changes as well as new terminology. It is necessary to implement new rules into a corporate policy of every company which processes the personal data of its customers, business partners, as well as employees. The legal bases for the processing of personal data without the consent of the data subject are also being added, as well as the requirements of the consent of a data subject to the processing of their personal data.


GDPR re-introduces the obligation for companies to have a designated responsible person, if:

  • the main activities of the controller or the processor are processing operations which, by their nature, scope and / or purpose, require regular and systematic monitoring of the data subjects on a large scale, or
  • the main activities of the controller or the processor are the large-scale processing of specific data categories.

The responsible person may be an employee of the controller or the processor, or the controller or the processor may ensure that this condition is fulfilled externally under the contract of providing services as a responsible person.

Our law office 4JUSTICE will gladly provide you with complete personal data protection services, from the preparation of complete internal documentation required by the GDPR to finding a responsible person. So do not hesitate to contact us.

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