What is the price of your legal services?

We always set the price for the particular provision of legal services individually according to the specifics of the given case and with the effort to meet the client’s needs as much as possible.

How long the lawsuit will last?

This depends in particular on certain judge deciding on the dispute. We always communicate with the court within the periods stipulated by law in order to solve the dispute as soon as possible.

I am not satisfied with my current legal services provider, how should I proceed?

At a personal meeting, we can present to you how to proceed in such case, and after reviewing all aspects of the case, we can give you an opinion whether a change of attorney is needed, and then, in a short period of time, we can take over your legal representation.

My relative is in custody and I haven’t been given any information, what should I do?

In this case, it is necessary to grant us the power of attorney as soon as possible, as the time limits in criminal proceedings are very strict. Then we can start communication directly with the police, and we also have exclusive access to the police detention cell of the suspect, and we can ensure a personal visit.

In what legal matters can I recourse to you?

Our law firm is fully focused on solving various legal issues. Given the experience, expertise and professionalism of our attorneys, we can find the best solution for you as a client in your given situation. During our practice, we have developed an extensive network of cooperating lawyers, insolvency administrators, notaries, distrainors, accountants, auditors, tax advisors, so that you only have to communicate with us during the time of providing our legal services.