Debt Recovery

Do you have difficulties with a debt recovery? Are you involved in a legal dispute proceeding and need a professional legal representation with an individual approach to solve your legal problem?

We are offering the individual steps which lead to the fastest debt recovery:

  • Legal analysis of the claim
  • Monitoring of the debtor (if needed also business partners) in public registers and in the Commercial Bulletin to guarantee an early discovery of bankruptcy declaration, beginning of restructuring process, liquidation etc.
  • Addressing the debtor – out-of-court debt recovery
  • Judicial debt recovery (legal action, legal consulting, legal representation)
  • Execution (representation of the client, legal consulting)

How much will the debt recovery cost me?

The fee will be determined based on the Regulation Nr. 665/2004 Coll. on fee and compensation of attorneys for providing legal services as amended, or it is individually agreed upon with the client. The fee depends on the difficulty of the legal issue and time needed for the execution of particular acts. The first consultation with duration of approximately 20 minutes, on which we will inform you about possible solutions to your problem, is FREE.

Avoid common mistakes made in a debt recovery process. Leave the concerns on professionals.

What will happen with an unpaid claim, when the debtor declared bankruptcy?

Our help in this field is also focused on legal help to people, whose debtors are in bankruptcy. If you are a creditor of a debtor that is in bankruptcy and you don’t know how to collect your claims, contact us and we will explain you how to enforce your rights in a bankruptcy or restructuring proceeding on the first consultation.

We will provide you a representation in a bankruptcy or restructuring proceeding namely via preparing an application of claim in bankruptcy or restructuring proceeding and also, we will represent you throughout the whole proceeding which will secure that you are always informed about the current situation and about the possible disbursement of your claim.

It´s not rare that the creditors lose their right to be a part of the bankruptcy proceeding and so lose the possibility to influence the bankruptcy proceeding because of an incorrect application or because they fail to send their application of claim before the application date. Don’t suffer the consequences of absence of a professional legal help when recovering your debts and contact us. We have worked on many successfully finished or ongoing bankruptcy proceedings.

If you are a creditor and you have a debt to recover, either from a business deal or based on some other legal title and you need help with its recovery, contact us to arrange the first consultation and after an evaluation of the legal situation, we will prepare the Application for a declaration of insolvency and will help you to ensure the recovery of your debt.

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